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Trek the World series

The Trek the World Series of apps and books is about multi-day, classic, adventure journeys around the world.

Think of all the famous places you might like to walk to, and we will hopefully be able to take you there as we produce Guidebooks for all the classic routes.  The routes are chosen so that anyone with a basic level of walking fitness should be able to complete the journey.


EVEREST BASE CAMP - available as an iPhone app, book for iPad, Kindle book and Kobo book    

This historic trek through the Sagarmatha National Park to the base of Everest may be one of the greatest adventures you ever undertake. You will find yourself standing, looking in awe, before some of the world’s highest peaks.  Every bend in the path brings a new view, a fresh experience.  An adventure you will hold in your memory forever, long after you have stopped looking at the photographs.


TORRES DEL PAINE - available as an iPhone app, book for iPad and Kindle book        


Patagonia is a rare spectacle. The majesty of the mountains and the splendour of the ice fields gives the region an impression of ‘finis terrae’, the end of the world. The sun shines in this scenic place and reflects unbelievable colours. It is thought that the name Paine comes from the Tehuelche (native language), where it means "pale blue", perhaps making reference to the colour of the many glaciers and lakes.


TORRES DEL PAINE, Edición Española- disponible como una libro para iPad y libro de Kindle     

La Patagonia es un espectáculo extraordinario. La majestuosidad de sus montañas y el esplendor de sus campos de hielo transmiten al ser humano la sensación de encontrarse en el fin del mundo. El sol sale en este escenario pintoresco reflejando colores increíbles. Se cree que el nombre Paine viene del Tehuelche (lenguaje nativo) que significa azul pálido, quizá haciendo referencia al color de tantos glaciares y lagos.


TOUR DU MONT BLANC - available as a book for iPad. Kindle book coming soon


The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the best trekking routes in the world!

It follows a well defined path, through some breath taking scenery, and is a real adventure for all who walk it.

Ever present is the majestic summit of Mont Blanc which, at 4810m, is the highest peak in the Alps. The views along the route also take in many other beautiful alpine peaks.

Traversing 3 different countries, the character of the walking changes constantly. You will not be disappointed!

If you only ever walk one long distance footpath in the Alps, this is the trip for you.

Coming soon in 2024

Each product produced by WORLD ADVENTURE GUIDES has a guidebook section full of information, plus a suggested itinerary with a day-by-day guide explaining the route. You’ll get general statistics on time taken, amount of ascent and descent given in a route profile, and your altitude and distance.

The guidebook includes text and photos on places of interest, must-see views, ideas on where to stay, top tips, what equipment to take, Frequently Asked Questions, picture galleries and videos.

The app uses the GPS on your iPhone to track your position: use the ‘progress’ function to see ‘your’ time, distance travelled and height climbed as you make your journey.  You can share all of these on your social networking sites at the end of each day.

The maps that have been used are GPS sourced by one of the team marking waypoints along each route and then hand drawn by the mapping team at Harvey’s.  It is a process of dedication and attention to detail that ensures each map is accurate. Within each app are 17 layers of mapping ranging from 1:100,000 where you are able to see greater distances, down to 1:5,000 for some of the larger towns and villages.

If you would like some more information on using one of our apps:

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