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Bike the World series

Multi-day Biking routes, whether on mountain bike or road bike, are becoming more and more popular.  Our Bike series will start with Geneva to Nice, following on with some of the classic routes in the UK.


Each book and app in the Bike Series has a guidebook section full of information, and a suggested itinerary with a day by day guide for you to follow and you’ll be able to get your general statistics including time taken, amount of ascent and descent in a route profile, your altitude and distance.

The guidebook section covers places of interest, must see views, ideas on where to stay, top tips, what equipment to take, FAQ’s, picture galleries and videos.

The app uses the GPS on your iPhone to track your position; you can use the ‘progress’ function to show ‘your’ time, distance travelled and height climbed as you make your journey.  These can even be shared on your social networking sites at the end of each day.

The maps for your journey have been GPS -sourced by one of the team and you will have access to different layers of mapping, with scales ranging from 1:100,000, where you are able to see greater distances, down to 1:5,000 for some of the larger towns and villages.

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