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"This historic trek through the Sagarmatha National Park to the base of Everest may be one of the greatest adventures you ever undertake. You will find yourself standing, looking in awe, before some of the world’s highest peaks.  Every bend in the path brings a new view, a fresh experience.  An adventure you will hold in your memory forever, long after you have stopped looking at the photographs."

Our app and books are designed to help you achieve your dream of trekking to Everest Base Camp.


  • An overview of the trek

  • When to go

  • Weather

  • Independent or group trekking

  • Getting to the start of the trek

  • Kathmandu:  eating, drinking and sights

  • A suggested 12 day itinerary with alternative finish

  • Nepal information: Culture, Religion, Customs,

  • common wildlife, language, money and environmental impact

  • Top tips for trekking

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Equipment

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Photo galleries

  • Route profiles

  • Video


The Mapping

The map of the Khumbu which is used in both the app and the books, although in different fromats, was created from aerial photos the GPS, sourced by one of the team, marking waypoints alon each part of the route, and hand drawing th efeatures.  These were then added to the original map an ddrawn by teh mapping team at harvey Maps. Using a GPS to waypoint the features an dfollow the route ensures that the map is accurate.  There are 16 layers of mapping within the app, ranging from 1:100,000 right down to 1:5,000 so a lot of visible features along the side of the path and in the villages.


If you are interested in reading more about creating the Map: 


                          The App

As well as all the above Guide information, the app uses the GPS on your phone to track your position along the route, allowing you to make use of the progress function which will show your time, distance travelled and height climbed as you make your journey.   These can then be shared on your social networking sites at the end of each day.

When you step down from the plane in Lulka and open up the map you will be able to see every individual hotel, lodge and bar. As you move up the valley just change the scale so you can see more of the higher mountains around you.

This is the first digital interactive map of the Khumbu region.  It still works as an excellent map even with the GPS disabled.


As well as all the above Guide information, the Books are full of amazing photos, shown off to perfection through a retina screen.  The mapping for the books is taken from the app version, but as a series of stills.  As a resource to have before you go on trek this iwill undoubtedly help you to plan for your trip.


Issie Inglis

Rob Fraser

Cshiring Cherpa

Will Stark

EVEREST BASE CAMP - available as an iPhone app, book for iPad, Kindle book and Kobo book        
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