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PATAGONIA, ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, Torres del Paine circuit, Day 3

Torres del Paine looking stormy

Day 3 - Dickson to Los Perros

This day will be a walk through native Lengas forests and Coigües forest (another type of southern beech), and along the banks of the Río de los Perros. It is one of the coldest parts of the circuit and we recommend you keep your extra clothes handy so you don’t get cold when you stop for a rest or for lunch.

Dickson to Los Perros

About fifteen minutes after the start of the walk, which takes you up a gentle slope, look back and you will get great views across Lake Dickson.

At this point you enter into a thick forest of Lengas and after about an hour, you reach an open gound alongside a marshy area. This is the Mirador del Valle de Los Perros.

There is an open view of the valley and all the snow-capped peaks in the background.

From here, the track turns away from the Perros River, to reach a bridge to cross Cabeza de Indio River, a branch of the Río Los Perros, fed by the glaciers higher up.

About an hour after the bridge there is a waterfall and if you walk by the side of the river you find some small streams where you can refill your water bottles.

Two hours or so of walking and the trail then leaves the forest and opens up to climb the stoney moraine, slowly reaching mounds that form a natural dam of Laguna Los Perros. In the background, you can see the glacier and perhaps, both hear and see noisy ice falls. The Tehuelches (native people of this area) thought these noises were the rage of the Gods.

Continue to follow the moraine and in the forest near the lake is the Campamento Los Perros.

The camp is operated by Vértice Patagonia It has basic toilets, cold water showers, and a shelter to get out of the rain. You can rent camping equipment here and there is a small market.

The camp is approximately one and a half hours walking distance from the John Gardner Pass to which you will head tomorrow. This will be quite a demanding day so an early night would be advised.

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