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PATAGONIA, ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, Torres del Paine Circuit, Day 2

The incredible Torres del Paine

On this, the second day of our walk we will take you from Serón to Dickson. It will be longer than yesterday, but with the ultimate reward of the wonderful surroundings you will find when you reach the Dickson sector.

Serón to Dickson

As you leave Serón, you head through a meadow towards the Paine River, bordering a swampy area on your right where you can see wild turkey and other big birds. The trail continues along the river.

In this windy area of the Patagonian steppe, the only vegetation that can grow here are thorny shrubs and Pre-Andean bushes like Calafate on the banks of the river.

After about an hour, the difficult part of the day begins; climbing up to the Paso del Viento by a rocky path. About half way up the climb, you will be able to look across and see the Alejandra Lagoon.

At the top there is the viewpoint of Mirador del Lago (lake) Paine. Look to the northeast and you can spot the peaks that form the border between Argentina and Chile.

The trail then begins to descend, gently turning west and bordering Lago Paine.

Continue down the slope and 2kms after passing Coirón (an old campsite), to the north you will see the Dickson Glacier for the first time.

The rest of the stage is smooth and flat, except for a small section that brings you closer to the river. Here, a marshy area of shallow waters must be crossed by treading on the boards. There should be no problem as the crossing point is well marked. After this, continue walking up the moraine towards the Dickson sector.

Refugio Dickson

The Refugio (hut) and Campamento (camping) are located a few metres from the lake. Camping is allowed on the banks of the lake in the Lengas forest which should keep you out of the wind. The Dickson hut and camping are situated in one of the areas with most vegetation in the park and with one of it’s most beautiful views.

You will find, within the facilities there, a shop, a restaurant, equipment rental, toilets and showers with hot water.

Enjoy your evening views. Although it may be a little chilly here.

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